My Work

Personal Library Web Application

Most of my professional work is stuffed behind private networks and cannot be viewed publicly. I created this project to showcase my skill in developing C# ASP.NET CORE (v2.1) web applications. It's just a small demo. It is hosted on Microsoft Azure and uses an Azure SQL DB. The Backend has a REST API. The Frontend is built with React. Nearly all of the CSS is manually developed by me. (I didn't use Bootstrap or other popular CSS Frameworks). The Database has three tables: One for Authors and one for Books, then one to create a Many to Many data relationship between Books and Authors. I chose a many to many relationship because there are many books that have more than one author. Note: it's open to public submission, so I'm not controlling what data is added. If you happen upon anything offensive posted, please do me a favor and delete it.


Recypt Web Application

Recypt is a web application that I built from the ground up. The front-end is built with Angular 5. The back-end is written in PHP on the Laravel Framework. To try it out create your own account. I continue to work on this to add new features and fix bugs.


Jurnaling Web Application

Jurnaling is a web application that I built from the ground up. The front-end is primarily vanilla Javascript. The back-end is written in PHP and is set up using a REST style API pattern with AJAX Security applied. Please note that this is just a work-in-progress sample of the final app and many of the planned features are still missing. To try it out either create your own account or use the following login credentials:

PASSWORD: Abcdef*1


Vehicle Information Guide (Proof of Concept) App

I completed a Proof of Concept Android WebView App for American Honda. The app utilizes a JSON package to build out button grids, lists, and scrollable HTML in iFrames. It was designed for Android Auto. Unfortunately I do not have permission from American Honda Motor, Inc. to show a sample of this app. This POC app took me a total of eight 40-hour weeks to complete.

Honda's Responsive Training Module Viewer Platform (jViewer)

Honda's jViewer is a HTML5 content aggregator that has many features to train and test Honda and Acura technicians. It was built from the ground up to replace Honda's dependence on the Adobe Flash Player Plugin so that modules can work on mobile devices. The first module using the jViewer was launched in January 2015 and has received a lot of positive feedback from technicians due to the improved ui and ux, as well as additional features. I have received permission from Honda to show screenshots.


Gabby Jack Ranch Website (A Drupal CMS Website)

This was primarily a volunteer ongoing project over many years (2009-2012), though Jacque Reynolds (CEO) did purchase a copy of Adobe CS4 Master Suite as compensation. The Drupal CMS was chosen because Jacque had a vision of creating multiple blogs for her clients so that they could record their story. Drupal supports the ability for each user to have their own blog. Later I became too busy to continue working on this and Jacque found another web developer to manage the site. Her latest website is built on Wordpress.